Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Patent issued for ‘peanut brittle’ for ruminants

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    A patent has been issued for a “peanut brittle” developed at Kansas State University.
    From WATTAgNet:
    A patent has been issued for a “peanut brittle” developed at Kansas State University that ensures cows and other livestock get the vitamins intended for them in their feed.
    U.S. Patent No. 8,828,421, "Method for Encapsulation of Orally Ingested Materials to Alter the Site of Digestion, Site of Action, or Stability," was recently issued to the Kansas State University Research Foundation, a nonprofit corporation responsible for managing technology transfer activities at the university.
    Faculty at Kansas State University developed a candy-like coating that protects vitamins and other micronutrients given to cattle and other ruminant animals from being prematurely digested by bacteria in the animal's digestive system. The coating provides an easy, inexpensive method for delivering undiluted dosages of vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients to livestock.
    "In ruminant animals … we often feed rations to the animal with the hope of providing nutrients directly to it, but we always have to contend with the pesky microorganisms in the digestive system," said Jim Drouillard, professor of animal sciences and industry. "Those microorganisms and bacteria also feed on these nutrients as they move through the animal, potentially causing deficiencies of key nutrients for the animal itself.”
    The patent currently is licensed to Afgrifeed, a South African animal feed manufacturing company.

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