Monday, September 7, 2015

Campylobacter poster to help UK poultry producers

A Campylobacter Biosecurity Guide poster is being made available to U.K. poultry producers free of charge.
Developed by the country’s National Farmers Union and the U.K. Food Standards Agency (FSA), the poster has been produced to assist poultry farmers with their daily stockmanship in order to keep their flocks healthy, disease free and reduce levels of Campylobacter.
The poster is the latest in a series of initiatives taken by the FSA and the country’s poultry sector to reduce Campylobacter levels.

Campylobacter top priority

Speaking earlier in 2015, FSA Board Chairman Tim Bennett said: “Reducing the risk of Campylobacter is the FSA’s top priority, and reducing food poisoning as a result of the disease is equally important. We’re seeing tangible progress after a period of unpromising results.”
Although cases of the disease have been falling, Bennett expressed confidence that the number would fall further in the future, adding that key areas of focus included improved biosecurity and consumer education, specifically around washing raw poultry meat.
“We know there is not silver bullet, because if there was, we would’ve fired it a long time ago. We’re not likely to have a vaccine in the near future, so every possible intervention we can implement that reduces the colonization of the disease, with others along the chain, is important to achieving a safer poultry meat section,” he said.

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