Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Golden Comb Awards presented in South Africa

The annual Golden Comb Awards—to honor Cobb customers by recognizing outstanding achievements in broiler, hatchery and breeder performance—has become one of the biggest events in the calendar of the South African poultry industry.
In announcing the awards based on data from all over South Africa, Theo Bezuidenhout, technical and sales manager of Cobb South Africa, highlighted the notable increase in demand for Cobb over the last 15 years – thanking the loyal customers for their continuous support.
He said that both parent stock and broiler results had improved again year on year, emphasizing that Cobb is “the most balanced breed in the market.”
The Golden Comb Award winners for the 2014 financial year are:
  • Best Breeder Flock Performance under 15,000 pullets – Sterkfontein Poultry
  • Best Breeder Flock Performance over 15 000 pullets – Koster Breeders
  • Hatcheries producing less than 250 000 chicks per week – Caledon Hatchery
  • Hatcheries producing over 250,000 chicks per week – Eagles Pride Group
  • Best Broiler Performance under 300 000 broilers per cycle – Pirates cycle 126 for Sovereign Foods

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