Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chinese poultry temporarily banned from Armenia

  • Andrea Gantz
    Armenia has banned Chinese poultry exports because of concerns over avian influenza.
    From WATTAgNet:
    The state food safety service of Armenia has temporarily banned Chinese poultry exports to Armenia due to avian influenza cases that have been recorded in China, the press office of the agency has reported. Armenia’s ban on poultry from China particularly pertains to the import of live poultry, as well as poultry products, marketable and hatching eggs, tankage and feedstuffs.
    The ban implemented by Armenian officials is valid for poultry products imported from China after January 1.
    The Chinese poultry industry has been battling an image problem with avian influenza since 2012, and the problems have persisted with both poultry raised for consumption and birds in the wild. The most recent report of avian influenza reported by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) involved H5N1 avian influenza that was confirmed in whooper swans.
    However, avian influenza problems have surfaced in many other countries. The disease information page on the OIE website on January 22 contained reports of confirmed cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza in China, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, United States, Nigeria, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, Vietnam and Palestinian Autonomous Territories. The OIE also has confirmed cases of low pathogenic avian influenza in Hong Kong and Germany listed on its website.

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