Friday, July 31, 2015

Michigan State University starts animal antibiotic study

  • Filip-E
    Michigan State University’s Center for the Health Impacts of Agriculture is researching animal antibiotic use.
    From WATTAgNet:
    The Michigan State University Center for the Health Impacts of Agriculture (CHIA) is conducting a study that looks at the antibiotics in animal agriculture and their possible impact on antibiotic resistance.
    In the study, researchers will analyze soil and water samples from the environment to see if this use of antibiotics is having an effect.
    “We are pleased to announce the first research project to be funded by the Center for the Health Impacts of Agriculture,” said Felicia Wu, John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor and CHIA Co-director. “The study will target antibiotics used in animal agriculture to find out how they find their way into the environment and what the ultimate impact on humans, if any, might be.”
    Antibiotic use has become a growing area of concern among consumers. Responding to those concerns, numerous companies within the global meat and poultry industry have developed antibiotic-free poultry and pork products. Foster Farms became the most recent company to introduce a new line of antibiotic-free products, announcing the launch of its Foster Farms Organic Ground Turkey on July 21.
    CHIA was developed to advance research that addresses the links between the study of global food supply, agriculture and nutrition to the study of human health.

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