Monday, September 7, 2015

Aviagen Turkeys presents research award

This award is the continuation of a program started by Nicholas Turkeys in 1993 to encourage graduate students to pursue research in turkeys. The recipient of the Aviagen Turkeys Communications Award is selected at the yearly Poultry Science Association competition in which students compete by giving oral or poster presentations. The winner receives a $600 cash prize and a certificate of achievement. Since its inception, 43 awards have been given to students conducting turkey research at 20 different universities.
This year’s winner is Kristin Stover from Brown Universitym for her paper entitled “Locomotor biomechanics and muscle force performance in wild and domestic turkeys.” Presenting the award for Aviagen Turkeys was Dr. John Halley, Aviagen nutritionist.
Dr. Jihad Douglas, president, noted, “Research at the university level is an important part of the development of our industry and we certainly appreciate the work that Ms. Stover and others are doing. We are very happy to continue this Nicholas tradition in support of turkey research and we look forward to reviewing the candidates next year.”

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