Monday, January 5, 2015

Lincoln Supply feed mill to become largest producer in Midwest

    Lincoln Supply's new feed mill is set to become the largest in the Midwest.
    From WATTAgNet:
    Lincoln Supply plans to open a feed mill that will become the largest producer of feed in the Midwest. The facility in Ellsworth, Iowa, is set to become fully operational in January and will dispense 120 truckloads of feed per day.
    The facility includes a storage area for about 1,000 tons of finished feed for turkeys and pigs, and additional storage for 2,000 tons of feed ingredients. The new mill will pellet almost 1 million tons of feed annually.
    According to the builder of the facility, the new feed mill features 120-ton-per-hour ingredient receiving; 60-ton-per-hour grinding system through three rollermills in a separate grinder room; 14 ingredient bins with 962 tons of storage; a 4-ton batching and mixing system, including one 24-bin micro system; metered liquids to the mixer. The builder says the feed mill has a total finished feed capacity of approximately 420 tons.
    Bill Northey, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, who attended the facility’s open house, said the plant will use Iowa corn and soybeans to feed hogs and turkeys in Iowa and around the world.
    “The efficiencies that were built into this plant, including using the pellets to feed animals which adds efficiency as well, makes it more efficient for livestock operations to be able to get what they want,” Northey said.

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