Monday, June 29, 2015

6 avian influenza stories to follow

    Avian influenza continues to have a big impact on the poultry industry.
    From WATTAgNet:
    Avian influenza continues to be a major focus for the poultry industry. Here are six developments concerning avian influenza you should know:
    1. Are avian influenza control strategies working? – University of Minnesota’s Dr. Carol Cardona, meeting at the International Conference on Avian Influenza and Poultry Trade, suggested to poultry health professionals that current methods used to prevent the spread of avian influenza are not working, and encouraged them to rethink the control methods being used.
    2. Another week without new cases – APHIS had previously been sending email notifications concerning outbreaks to shareholders on a daily basis. After multiple days of sending emails stating there were no new cases, the agency announced it would only send notifications when a new case has been confirmed. The last confirmed case was reported on June 17, when a commercial layer flock in Wright County, Iowa, was infected. Before that case was confirmed, the U.S. had gone a full week without any new avian influenza detections.
    3. Avian influenza risk greater downwind – Dr. Brian McCluskey, chief epidemiologist at the USDA Animal and Plant Health and Inspection Service (APHIS) told attendees at the International Conference on Avian Influenza and Poultry Trade that studies show avian influenza virus is likely to be airborne, and flocks downwind of premises that have been infected are at a greater risk of contracting the virus.
    4. Funds to fight avian flu must remain, senator says – U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York, urged his fellow legislators to not approved proposed budget cuts to the USDA, citing that the agency needs funds to battle the ongoing avian influenza problem.
    5. Michael Foods plans layoffs – After having its egg supply greatly reduced as a result of the avian influenza outbreak, Michael Foods has filed paperwork with the Nebraska Department of Labor, concerning plans to lay off workers at its facilities in Wakefield, Nebraska.
    6. Depopulation of Nebraska flocks completed – The Nebraska Department of Agriculture announced that the depopulation of flocks in Dixon County that were hit by avian influenza has been completed. An estimated 4.9 million birds were euthanized.
    Bookmark WATTAgNet's avian influenza update page for current news concerning the virus and its impact on the poultry industry.

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