Thursday, June 11, 2015

First Minnesota farm hit by AI is growing turkeys again

  • Andrea Gantz
    The first turkey operation in Minnesota to be infected with avian influenza has started growing turkeys again.
    From WATTAgNet:
    The first Minnesota turkey farm to be infected with H5N2 avian influenza is again growing turkeys.
    Despite the fact that cases of the virus continue to be confirmed in the region, the Pope County operation was restocked with new turkeys on June 7, according to Dr. Dale Lauer, an assistant director with the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.
    The virus was confirmed to be present at the farm in early March, making it not only the first avian influenza case in Minnesota, but also the first avian influenza case in the Mississippi flyway. An estimated 44,000 birds were affected at that farm. The flock was depopulated.
    Since that time, Minnesota, the top turkey producing state, has had 98 other confirmed cases of avian influenza. The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has reported 222 avian influenza detections in the United States since December 19, 2014. To date, more than 47 million birds have been affected by the avian influenza outbreak. Additional avian influenza cases have been reported in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.
    Those avian influenza cases involve commercial poultry flocks, backyard poultry flocks and wild birds.
    Bookmark WATTAgNet’s avian influenza update page for the news and analysis concerning the virus and its impact on the global poultry industry.

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