Thursday, October 1, 2015

Avian flu insurance favored by poultry producers in UK

An avian influenza insurance scheme would be broadly welcome by UK poultry farmers, a survey conducted by the country’s National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has found. U.K. producers are less keen, however, on a hatchery levy to help cover the costs associated with an outbreak of avian influenza.
When questioned, "Depending on the premium, how interested would you be in taking out insurance against the potential occurrence of avian influenza on your farm?" 56.7 percent replied that they would be very interested, with 36.8 percent saying that they would be quite interested.
Only 1.3 percent responded that they would not be interested at all, while the same percentage said they already had insurance.
There was less support, however, for a charge being levied at the hatchery.
When asked whether they would support a charge at the hatchery for day-old chicks to create an industry fund to contribute to the costs associated with the secondary cleaning and disinfection of sheds following an avian outbreak situation, only 39.6 percent of respondents were in favor. There was, however, a large degree of uncertainty among respondents with 44.6 percent said they were not sure, while 9.6 percent were against the idea.
The NFU received 247 responses to its survey, reflecting 11.7 percent of its poultry membership.

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