Friday, August 14, 2015

Allen Harim plant opponents to appeal ruling

A group that is opposed to the proposed Allen Harim poultry complex in Millsboro, Delaware, is continuing its fight, pledging to appeal a court decision that favored the poultry company and local government entities.
The group, known as Protect Our Indian River (POIR), has been fighting the poultry plant project since 2013, and a spokesman for the group told the fight will continue. “We’re in this for the long haul,” said Jay Meyer.
POIR had tried to overturn the Sussex County Board of Adjustment’s 2013 decision to allow the company to proceed with its plans to convert a former Vlasic pickle plant into a poultry processing plant. The group alleged that the board failed to ask the Environmental Protection Agency and the Center for the Inland Bays for their opinions on Allen Harim’s proposal. The opponents also argued that the public had not been given sufficient notice of the plans.
However, Superior Court Judge Richard F. Stokes on July 2 refused to overturn the board’s decision, saying it did not have to seek input from the mentioned environmental agencies. The judge deemed that obtaining data from the Department and Natural Resources and Environmental Control, fire marshals, the Department of Transportation was diligent enough.

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