Monday, August 3, 2015

McDonald’s all-day breakfast could come this fall

  • WATTAgNet
    McDonald's is getting closer to a decision on whether it will offer all-day breakfast at all locations in the U.S.
    From WATTAgNet:
    Quick service restaurant chain McDonald’s has yet to commit to serving breakfast at all times of the day, but it has told its franchisees in the United States to be prepared to do so as soon as this fall.
    However, the types of breakfast foods made available all day have not been revealed. One such McDonald’s breakfast item – the Egg McMuffin – may not be feasible to serve all day, reported the Chicago Sun-Times, as a nationwide egg shortage and subsequent high egg prices have resulted from the North American avian influenza outbreak.
    McDonald’s in March began a test to serve an all-day breakfast at select locations in the San Diego area of California. Similar testing was done at locations in Mississippi and Tennessee.
    While the company has stopped short of committing to serving an all-day breakfast at locations nationwide, it has stated that it is an idea that has been embraced well by consumers.
    “Serving all-day breakfast is likely the No. 1 request we hear from McDonald’s customers,” the company said in a statement. “We’re testing it out in a few markets to learn more about this possibility. We know your mouth is watering, but there’s no news on this yet.”
    Concerns have been expressed that many McDonald’s restaurants lack the available grill space to serve breakfast foods simultaneously with burgers and other grilled sandwiches.

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